351:1 -- LDWa351:1 -- LDWb351:2 -- Expedition to the Goblin Caves
351:2 -- Exploring the North-West Isle351:2 -- Exploring the White Delta351:2 -- Temple of the Serpent God
351:4 -- Discovering New and Exciting Monsters352:1 -- Expedition to explore south352:1 -- Over the Eastern Mountains
353:1 -- Charting the River's Path353:1 // Xeno353:2 // Alexandra
353:2 // Marillith353:2 // Myriam353:3 // Aelfar
353:3 // Cadeus353:3 // Gorm353:4 -- Ash-heart banishes a dread lord
353:4 // Aria353:4 // Zendri354:1 -- Dragons at Robards Crossing
354:2 -- Snakes and Ladders354:2 // Aelfar354:2 // Ser Clemense
354:3 -- Beetles and Shadow Lords354:3 -- Pirates and Krakens354:3 -- Rescuing lady Silverstar
354:3 -- Shadows on Isle de la Luna354:4 -- Fetching the timepiece354:4 -- Hunting Silverstar in Dwarvern Caverns
354:4 -- Return to Isle de la Luna354:4 -- Speaking with snakes355:1 -- Angry river spirits
355:1 -- Seeking the dragon treaty355:1 -- The Admiral355:1 -- The trial of Gorm
355:1 -- Xeno fails to kill a Shadowlord355:2 -- A name from minotaurs355:2 -- Adventure to the burrows
355:2 -- The Princess Wednesday355:2 -- ancient elven rubbish tips355:2 -- returning the sky rock
355:3 -- The Dread Lord Assault355:4 -- Searching for Mowakana's Tribe355:4 -- The city of Al-Tur
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