Gather your party, grab a GM, pick a goal, and go! Play once a week, once a month, or once a year. Be the first amongst your friends to reach the Dark Tower in the Hidden Forest, or defeat the orc raiding parties that have been plaguing the farmers to the south.

Living Dungeon World is a persistent world with a number of GMs, waiting for you and your party to explore it. You can keep with the same group week after week or you can swap between parties as you see fit. Find a dungeon that's too hard for you? Head back to town and enlist the services of another couple of adventurers.

Living Dungeon World will be using the Dungeon World system. If you've played any version of D&D, it'll be pretty easy for you to pick up. New to Living Dungeon World? Post on the wall on Facebook and introduce yourself! You should be able to arrange a time with a Living Dungeon World GM to make your character and introduce you to the world. Once you're set, find a group and get adventuring!
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New map after the 5 year update.

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